BC School Sports


The Mission Statement of BC School Sports reflects the membership's drive for service excellence and a commitment to being a student-centered, school driven organization. Every program and service offered by the association is directed towards student-athletes and/or the volunteer teacher and community coaches who spend hours of time helping students to achieve their goals.

BCSS is a membership based organization of schools. We fulfill our mission by:

  • promoting student participation in extra-curricular activities
  • assisting schools in the development and delivery of their programs
  • providing governance for inter-school competition


The vision states the preferred future in outcome oriented language that describes the condition should BCSS be totally successful in the delivery of its mission, goals and strategies. BCSS visions that: “Students in British Columbia schools will benefit from participation in physical activity and sport."


Values are those guiding principles we use to make decisions and manage the organization strategically and operationally. This is the glue between the Mission and the Vision. BCSS:

  • Encourages participation in physical activity and interschool athletics to foster lifelong physical and emotional well-being
  • Supports the equity of opportunity for students and coaches to participate in athletics
  • Promotes quality interschool sports programs as a means of ensuring fair play and ethics

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